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Piezoelectric Energy Floor

Item #: efr-001
Product Details

Piezoelectric Energy Floor

The piezoelectricenergy floor is to convert kinetic energy of people’s footsteps to electrical power by using the positive effect of piezoelectric materials.

The energy floor is very efficient energy converting pedestrian floor system which can be installedin pavements and areas with large flow of peoples like airports, sport arenas,shopping malls , dance club, parks, museums etc.

This energy floor enables people to generate their own local clean energy to power street lightsand signing systems. It also can be integrated with solar and wind power tocreate sustainable power source.

After 5 years of continuousof efforts in R&D, we have developed the third generation of piezoelectricfloor applicable for outdoor use.


1. Main Features

With humanizeddesign, only minor downward motion of 1mm, no sinking feeling

High energyconversion efficiency and sensitivity, suitable for people of all ages

12mm temperedglass top panel and PVC bottom, strong and durable

With multiple protections,reliable and long service life

Modular structure,sealed with silicones, waterproof and anti-aging

Easy to installand clean, low maintenance

Integrated LEDlights is available

Different types oftop panels can be used like tempered glass, Plastic panel, wood panel etc.

2. Specifications and Applications

The outputs ofpiezoelectric energy floor vary with pressure.

Output voltage:0<V<300V

Output current:0<I<100MA.

Output power: 2-6W(an adult of 60kg per step)

Operationtemperature: -40°C/+50°C

Currently weprovide 3 standard energy tiles:


Item   #

Size   (mm)

Energy   Floor







The sizes can becustomized.

The data collectorand software (realtime output and cumulative output) are available for choice.


Because the piezoelectric energy floor generates instantaneous power, there are 2 general applications:

2.1 To power LED lights,for example, emergency lighting and corridor guide lighting etc.


2.2 By connecting with power harvesting system, the small power produced by the piezoelectric energy floor can be harvested and stored to drive some low power devices likethe wireless sensor, wireless transmitter for security alarm or trafficstatistics etc.

PEF- (2).png

The figure above shows the diagram of power generation and data collection of the piezoelectric energygenerating floor system. At present, each floor has 2 ports. The ports are identicalfor power transfer.

However, each portcan only be connected to one type of load. For example, if port 1 is connectedto LED light, then it cannot be connected to data collector, which must beconnected to port 2.

3.   Configuration and Characteristics

The piezoelectric energyfloor is composed of 4 parts, top tempered glass sheet, silicone pad, powergeneration modules and PVC base plate.

Figure 1 shows theprinciple of piezoelectric energy floor, which produces power in the processthat people step on it and power is generated by piezoelectric ceramic elementsembedded in the tiles

Figure 2 shows thenew generation of piezoelectric energy floor with modular structure, siliconesealing technology, and tempered glass top sheet. It is featured easy maintenance,waterproof, anti-aging and long service life. Therefore it becomes the typicalkinetic energy harvesting product applicable for both indoor and outdoor use.


4.   Installation

4.1 Indoor use

For indoor use,the installation can be customized according to customer’s requirements. Generallythere are two ways of installation:   1.Directlyto be tiled on the flat ground (Figure 3); 2.To be installed in theprefabricated sink trough.

PEF- (3).png   PEF- (4).png

4.2 Outdoor use

Firstly the groundshould be made, shown as Figure 5, the cross-section of support pier is square,the length is S, the surface is smoothed with cement by self-leveling, and theheight of support pier H is bigger than 250px; water guide trough should be waterproofor be paved with PVC water pipes, and the width of water guide trough B is about30% of L, which is the side length of piezoelectric energy floor, L=S+B.

PEF- (5).png

Then pave thepiezoelectric energy floors, shown as figure 6. Put self-adhesive sealing stripof 1mm thick between floors to seal closely, and adhere the piezoelectric floorto the support pier with structural adhesive, adjust the horizontal height offloors by adjusting amount of adhesive.

PEF- (1).png

Finally wiring, foreasier maintenance, divide the area of the piezoelectric energy floors into severalunits, and each unit is set with an energy control box, like a topologystructure.

5. Typical Applications