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Foldable Double-wheel Stair Climbing Trolley
Item #: sct-f003
Product Details

Foldable Double-wheel Stair Climbing Trolley

This trolley is designed to move heavy loads on stairways

With unique four-rod crank mechanism

When moving upstairs, it raises up the trolley and places onto the higher step

No obvious change of gravity, more stable for carrying big loads upstairs

When going upstairs, need to place the wheels closely against the vertical face ofstairs, and when going downstairs, just put it at the edge of steps

Capable of carrying up to 120kg upstairs and downstairs

Withfoldable structure, much smaller packaging size, easy to carry and store

Built-inrechargeable lithium battery, light weight and long lifetime


Loadingweight: max. 120kg

Ratedvoltage: DC24V


Battery:lithium 3.7V/10Ah



Dimension:1100*330*125mm (unfolded), 640*320*260mm

sct-f003 (3)-1.jpgsct-f003 (7).jpgsct-f003 (4).jpg