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Automatic Laser Bird Repellent System
Item #: NG-LBSD-DR5W
Product Details

Automatic Laser Bird Repelling System

uses high resolution camera to detect and locate the objects, and the laser transmitting unit emits laser beam to drive off the birds. It can achieve automatic detection, tracking and aiming of birds in ashort time, low power laser scanning in different ways.

NG-LBSD-DR5W (6).jpg


1. Intelligentrecognition

Theautomatic laser bird repelling device collects real-time image data by camera,and the controller processes the collected data by image background differenceand image feature matching. It can accurately lock and track the target in realtime, to provide a reliable guarantee for automatic efficient bird repelling.

2.Quick Repelling

Itcan drive off the objects within the range of camera shooting in a short time,locate birds accurately, move rapidly by motion unit and repel birdsimmediately.

3. NoInterference

Theautomatic aiming multi-point laser bird repellent device firstly uses thecamera to detect and locate the birds, and then emits laser beam, in this waycan not only avoid random irradiation, but also avoid any interference topeople and vehicles around.


Withlow power laser, it only causes temporary blindness to birds, no serious damageto birds, and no reduced repelling effect due to bird adapted to the laserbeam.

5.Low cost

Thelaser bird repelling device can work automatically without human participation,saving much labor and cost.

6.Easy installation

Thedevice can be installed easily and flexibly, and easy to disassemble for maintenanceand repair.

7.High reliability

(1)Can resist high and low temperature

(2)Can resist electromagnetic interference with strong EMC

(3)Lightning protection

(4)Waterproof and anticorrosion

8.The system is extendable, and can be linked with other bird repelling devices,like acoustic bird scarer etc.

Work Theory

NG-LBSD-DR5W (4).jpg

1.High resolution camera collects external images, and micro PC processes thereceived image data with image background subtraction algorithm, to judge whetherthere is a moving object. Once a moving object is detected, matching thegraphic features to determine whether it is a bird, the geometric positions ofbird images in the collected images are calculated.

2.The controller starts the tracking program by tracking the geometric centerpoint, according to the position of the geometric center of bird images in thecollected image, the pan tilt is turned, and 532nm green laser under beamexpansion and collimation is transmitted to continuously drive the birds. The homogenizedlaser beam is just like a giant green stick to stimulate birds which dodge andfly away distinctively.

3.To judge whether the object is leaving or not, the camera transmits thecollected image data to the controller in real time. The controller processesthe collected image data by background subtraction and matches the imagefeatures, and judges whether all birds leave the detection area. Once birdsleave the detection area, and then the laser is turned off.


Cameraresolution: 1920*1080

Minimumillumination: 0. 1lux


Laseroutput: 5000mW

Beamdiameter (at aperture): 50mm

Scanning Range: 0 to 360o (horizontal), -45 to+45o (vertical)

Effectiverange: > 1000m

Detectiondistance: 60m

Detectionangle: 110o

Powersupply: AC220V

Power consumption: 50W