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5W Long Range Laser Airport Bird Scaring System
Item #: NG-LBSD-5W
Product Details

The Long Range Laser Airport Bird Scaring System

is developed according to the advanced optical biological control theory in the world, and a new combination of laser technology, precision instruments and electric control. It is featured high efficiency, non-pollution, safe and reliable.   It is an effective tool for eliminating bird pest and reducing flight accidents at airports.

Laser bird scaring device is used to repel birds in the runway areas of airport. It can keep working all day long and in all weathers. Within the laser scanning areas, it can reduce the activity of birds by 90% without harm to birds. It can ensure the safety of aircraft taking off and landing by substantially reducing bird strikes to aircrafts.


532±1 nm, green   laser



Laser safety   grade


Beam diameter (at   aperture)




Service life




Pitch angle

0 to 360o   (horizontal), 0 to-3°(vertical)

Scanning speed

1m/s5 m/s

Work temperature

-20   to 60



Work mode

work   automatically full day, or set work time by aircraft takeoff and landing time

Power supply

220V /200W

Protection Grade


Size (with   pan-tilt)


System Composition

Long-range Laser Airport Laser Bird Scaring System is mainly composed of laser transmitting unit, adaptive optical control unit, 2-dimensional scanning unit, integrated control unit, temperature control unit, display unit and power supply unit.

Main Features

1. This laser device is in compliance with civil aviation standards and relevant international and national airport safety standards, and strict relevant tests are passed.

2. This device can work automatically or manually. It can work continuously for a long time, and for a specific period of time as well. Specific working time can be set according to the take-off and landing time of aircrafts, and it can be operated manually as well.

3. Functions of timing, state recorder, and internal memory scanning modes are available.

4. Optical safety properties

The following techniques are used to ensure eye safety during laser scanning:

1) Adaptive light control technology: control the contrast between laser beam and background light, to avoid too bright laser beam in the evening or early morning so as not to stimulate the human eyes.

2) Laser beam expanding collimation technology: to ensure that the light intensity at long-distance and short-distance light is basically the same, to avoid long-distance light being too weak, and short-distance light too strong.

3) Laser beam homogenization technology: to ensure the uniformity of power density in the laser beam;

4) Beam Scanning Limitation Technology: Laser beam will not directly illuminate into the pilot's sight line and affect aircraft take-off and landing, and dynamic irradiation area can be set to ensure that the laser does not go out of the area and ensure safety;

5) Setting the scanning speed reasonably: When the human eye observes the laser beam directly, the laser spot stays in the eye for a short time (<0.05 seconds), to avoid blindness or damage to the human eye caused by the laser.

6) Set up a warning sign: the height of scanning laser beam is less than 1.5m, and the laser warning sign is set around it.

5. Electronic Safety Property

This laser device is subject to the requirements of airport for electromagnetic interference, and the electromagnetic environment requirements of GB6364-1986 aeronautical radio navigation station.

6. Mechanical Safety Property

1) The pitch angle is strictly limited to avoid flying accidents caused by laser scanning at elevation.

2) Installation Position

According to the requirements of MH5001-2006 Technical Standard for Civil Airport Flight Zone, the laser device is installed at 170meters away from the runway central line (as shown below).

The scanning radius of the device is 1500 meters (max. 1700 meters). To cover the whole area of runway and lawns, only one laser device is installed for the runway less than 3000 meters long, and 1-2 devices for runway more than 3000 meters long.