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Long Rang Directional Acoustic Bird Scaring Device

Product Details

Long Rang Directional Acoustic Bird Scaring Device

With continuous development of air traffics, all airports around the world encounter the same problem of bird striking (for both military and civil aircrafts). Once birds hit the aircraft, it brings huge economic and life losses, so airport bird scaring devices are developed in the whole world.

Based on the technology of long range of Directed acoustic device, we have developed a powerful airport bird scaring device. It is mainly featured long range and focused sound, and has demonstrated substantial effects in some international airports.

Main Features:

1. Rotation angle controllable: +180 to -180 degrees

2. Various audio sources are optional

3. Auto play (24 hours programmable operation)

4. Low profile and low power requirement

Optional functions:

1. Vertical angle controllable: +40 to -20 degrees

2. Capture probe can be added to achieve fully automatic intelligent operation

3. Networking (airport equipment networking to achieve full coverage of ground and airspace)


Weight: 32Kg (acoustic transmitter)

Pan/tilt mount: 50Kg

Size: 980x960x235 mm (transmitter)

Power consumption: 0.24KW, 0.48KW (peak)

Input power: 176V-264V-50Hz

Max sound pressure level: 151 dB @1m, instantaneous

Max Sound Pressure Level: 120 dB@1 m at Low Mode

Beam angle +/-15°@ 2kHz