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1W 532nm Portable Laser Bird Repellent

Item #: NG‐LBSD‐P1WA
Rated Power: 1W
Product Details


Green laser,sensitive to birds

Grade II safe laserbeam, no harm to birds, human (avoid eye contact) and other animals

Lightweight, easy tocarry for driving birds freely

50mm laser beam likea big light stick to scare birds efficiently

Effective range over500 meters

Built-in lithiumbattery with power level display

2 work modesavailable, CW/pulse

On/Off switch andCW/pulse Switch

Power supply: 12VDC

Laser output power:1000mW

Wavelength: 532nmgreen laser

Beam diameter (ataperture): 50mm

Effective distance:≥500m

Lithium battery:12V/5AH

Work time: 4-8hr

Work temperature: -10to +45oC

Humidity: 20-90%

Protection grade:IP65

Size: 380*150*155mm

Weight: 2.0kg