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3W Portable Laser Bird Scarer
Item #: NG‐LBSD‐P2W
Product Details

3W Portable Laser Bird Scarer

NG-LBSD-P2W (1).jpg

Applicable to all birds, no bird adaptability, long effective

Lighweight, easy to carry for driving birds freely

Eco‐friendly and safe, no harm to human eyes

Low power consumption, waterproof, cheap use

Long effective range over 1000 meters

2 work modes available, CW/TTL

On/Off switch, and touch laser switch

With level lock

Technical Specifications

Wavelength: 532±1 nm

Output: 2000mW

Beam Divergence: <1.5mrad

Beam Diameter at aperture: 50mm

Scan radius: >1000m

Power stability: >90%

Polarization: <0.3°

Input power: DC12V, 5A

Service lift: 10000 hours

Waterproof: IP55

Cooling: TEC/natural cooling

Working Temperature: ‐20 to 50oC

Dimensions: 275x120x120mm

Weight: 2.7Kg