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V300 Wind Profiler Doppler LIDAR System
Item #: V300
Rated Power: 90w
Product Details

V300 Wind Profiler Lidar System

The V300 VerticalProfile Wind Lidar meets the IEC 61400-12-1 standard of wind measurement. It isan economic choice of wind measurement for the power curve determination andestimation, wind farm operation and maintenance, pre-evaluation, initial siteassessment.

V300 is a pulsecoherent Doppler wind Lidar which is developed for wind power users, featuredcompact, high precision and low power consumption. It has great potential andimportant application value in the field of aviation meteorology,meteorological fields, and research institutes.

V300 uses theDoppler Beam Swinging (DBS) configuration which can probe the wind speed anddirection profile from 40m to 240m(up to 300m), it can capture wind profile ina very high spatial(≤0.1m/s) and temporal resolution (1s data sampling rate).

V300 is featured portable,unsupervised, low power consumption, no electromagnetic interference, GPRSwireless transmission, and therefore can operate in harsh environments outside.


l   Eye safety, ultra-portable, low powerconsumption, quick launch, easy operation

l   Unattended and continuous operations inharsh mountainous regions and can turn on/off automatically according to theweather conditions.  

l   To capture real-time wake effectsturbine-to-turbine, wind profile and turbulence from ground to the whole rotordisc with high spatial and temporal resolution  

l   To measure wind speed, direction, shear andair turbulence instantaneously with high speed data sampling rate

l   Measurement range 40-300m, DBS-5 beamscanning

l   Modular design for different platforms,buoy and vehicle-mounted


ReliableSpace-time resolvingAccurate

CompactEasily transportable

Instant outdoorset upPlug and play

Easily operate andmaintenanceUnattended

Self calibrationMore than 5-10 years’ lifetime

Software upgradefreePersonalized



Measurement   range


Laser   wavelength                 

1550nm, Eye   safety Class 1M,Compliant with IEC 60825-1

Data update rate


Wind speed   range                                     


Wind speed   accuracy           

≤0.1m/s(Radial   velocity); ≤0.2m/s(Wind Profile)

Radial range   resolution                               

   1m, 40~240m(Configurable)

Scanning   features





Data   storage                   

1T SSD, more   than 12 months of data storage

Power   consumption



550* 550*700 mm

Power supply

220V/50Hz    12V/24V


Output data

Second-class wind   speeddirection

5min/10min   average wind speeddirection

Minmax wind speed

Wind speed   standard deviation, vertical wind speed

Signal to Noise   Ratio(SNR)

GPS coordinates,   time

The temperature,   humidity, pressure, monitoring of lidar system

Data format                                       


Data transfer



Operating   condition

T:-30to -50 (Relative humidity): 0~100

Housing   classification                         

IP65(Standard   configuration)

Ice/Rain protection

Automatic window   blowerheater