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SRED-ERI Portable Trace Explosive Detector
Item #: SRED-ERI
Product Details

SRED-ERIPortable Trace Explosive Detector

SRED-ERIis portable trace explosive detector with high sensitivity able to detect more

than 40 kinds of explosives and intermediates, including TNT, DNT and other nitro

explosives,black powder, ammonium nitrate, etc. With specific monolayer sensing films

chemically fabricated by self-assemblingfluorescent conjugated polymers, SRED-ERI can detect trace explosives by one in one billion, thehighest test level in the world.

SRED-ERI is composed of a control unit and an independent explosive detection probe.

They can be connected directly for single handoperation, or connected with cable to improve operability.

SRED-ERI is one ofthe best explosive detectors inthe world with superior performances,

lightest weight, smallest size and fastest response. Nowadays it has been widely used inrail transit, freight station and other high circulation rate places.

Incontrast of the 1st generation SERD detector, SRED-ERI has re-designedthe structure

of sensor and heating sampler, optimized the referenceacquisition and background signal

processing algorithm, thus the stability hasbeen greatly improved. Moreover, through the specific signal processingalgorithm, classification and recognition of detection components can berealized, and the database upgraded, thus SRED-ERI is especially applicable for channel

detection of large flow of people.


Easyto operate

Widedetection range

Shortresponse time


Smallsize and light weight


Structuraldesign for industrial grade

Automatic recognition ofexplosives and drugs

Support 4G and WIFI (optional)


Detectableexplosives/drugs: TNT, DNT,BP,NG,HMX,RDX,AN,TATP etc.

Sampling mode: non-contactvapor sampling and contact wipe sampling

Alarm mode: sound alarm,image alarm, wireless alarm

Sensitivity: TNT 10-12g

Analysis time: ≤10s

Self-cleaning time: ≤10s

Warm-up time: ≤30s

False-alarm rates: ≤1%

Display screen: 3.0-inchindustrial-grade color semi-transparent LCD

Working time: ≥10 hours

Work temperature: -20 to 55oC   

Humidity: ≤95%

Weight: 1.5Kg (incl.battery)