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Integrated Long Range Acoustic Lighting Defense System (ALDS)
Item #: ng-alds-s1
Rated Power: 1000W
Product Details

IntegratedLong Range Acoustic Lighting Defense System (ALDS)


The integrated acoustic lighting defense system (ALDS) is composedof long range acoustic hailer, powerful light, video monitoring system andpan-tilt. It is a non-lethal repelling and monitoring system against riots andterrorism, with the functions of video monitoring, warning, long range acoustichailing and broadcasting, powerful light illumination and dazzling etc.

Compared with water cannon, tear gas and shield used to deal withmass incidents, the ALDS system is featured non-contact, non-lethal,large-scale dispersion and suppression of rioting crowds, long distanceillumination and broadcasting. It is especially suitable for border control,prison, deterrence to unlawful rallies.

The ALDS system can be mounted on police cars, shipboard, andpolice box etc., remotely controlled at the control center, using the camera tocheck the conditions outside, and taking sound and light strikes thereafter.

The ALDS system can also be integrated with radar and video perimeterdefense system to give automated intrusion alerts and take further actions.

The ALDS system is especially applicable for illegal rally, riot,hostage rescue, border protection, fighting drug trafficking and smuggling,search and rescue, prisons, mines, power stations, airports and ports etc.

The long range acoustic hailer can deliver a powerful warningmessage or deterrent tone to drive off targeted people in 200m, and broadcastmessages over 1000m (2000m in open areas). At night, high intensity light(laser or searchlight) can disperse intruders in the range of 150m, and givestrong illumination in 100m. At daytime, light dispersion range is up to 100m

ng-ac-alds1 (2).jpg

Light   Source



Total Power






Power supply

AC220V /   DC24V

AC220V /   DC24V

Wireless telecommunication


Host control

work alone   / network

Camera pixel

2 million

2 million

IR camera distance



Camera day/night conversion

ICR filter

ICR filter





16 inch

16 inch

Remote control

by handle

by handle

Work temperature

-45 to 55oC

-45 to 55oC

Protection Index



Acoustic   Hailer

Max. Sound pressure level




Broadcasting distance



Sound beam width



Reverse sound pressure level attenuation

≥30dB   (1m@2.5kHz)

≥30dB   (1m@2.5kHz)

Frequency response



Sound source

Bluetooth,   microphone, line input

Strong   Light

Light color


Natural   white

Output power



Work mode



Beam divergence angle

6-17o,   adjustable

6-16o,   adjustable

Effective dispersion distance



Illumination distance



Pulse Frequency

5hz-9hz-20hz   flash

Pan-tilt   Mount

Rotating angle

0-360o,   horizontal

Horizontal rotation speed

0.01-15o   /s

Pitch angle

-10~20o,   vertical

Vertical rotation speed

0.01-7o   /s


The light source can be searchlight, high power LED, light arrayand laser.

1)Green Laser

Advantages: concentrated beam, very effective on human eyes, lowpower consumption;

Disadvantages: poor illumination, narrow beam range.

Laser beam can dazzle eyes effectively in the range of hundreds ofmeters to several kilometers.

ng-ac-alds1 (5).jpg

2)Powerful white searchlight

Advantages: long range, high illumination;

Disadvantages: high power consumption, big size and weight.

ng-ac-alds1 (4).jpg

3)Long Range Directional Acoustic Hailer

The long range directional acoustic hailer is composed of an arrayof small loudspeakers. By enhancing and offsetting the beams of loudspeakers,the central beams are intensified, while the surrounding beams are weakened, sothe effective distance is extended with less damage to the operator behind thedevice.


The maximum sound level can be up to 150dB. Different hailers mayhave different dangerous range. Beyond the dangerous range, the hailer is veryeffective, while no permanent damage to human hearing is brought.

ng-ac-alds1 (1).jpg

ng- ac-nalds1 (1).jpg