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S4000 3D Scanning Doppler Wind LIDAR
Item #: S4000
Rated Power: 300W
Product Details

S4000 3D Scanning Doppler Wind LIDAR


S4000 Doppler Wind Lidar with the abilityof 3D wind fieldmeasurements in atmospheric boundary layer and lower tropospheric is designedfor applications in various fields such as wind power, aviation weather andclimate, air quality and so on. It is a coherent Doppler lidar with highefficiency and sensitivity. The compact all-fiber configuration

turns the lidar into a portable autonomous system with no electromagnetic


S4000 3-D wind lidar works at eye-safewavelength in near infrared spectrum (1.4um-2.2um), probes the wind field from the ground to 4000m at very high temporal resolution (second level) and spatial resolution(30 m) and accuracy (≤0.1 M / s). It compensates the disadvantages of wind profiler radarin detection capacities, and can continuously obtain the 3-D wind field parameters within the scope of atmospheric boundary layer.

This 3-D Lidar will boost the offshore wind power and complex site wind farm markets

with advancedtechnology at lower cost.


Eye safety, ultra-portable, low powerconsumption, quick launch, easy operation

Unattended and continuous operations inharsh mountainous regions, and can turn on/off automatically according to theweather conditions.  

Measure max. altitude 4000m at variousscanning ways like DBS、VAD、PPI、RHI etc.

Can probe windspeed, direction, shear and air turbulence instantaneously with high speed datasampling rate

Modular design for different platforms,buoy and vehicle-mounted


Reliable&Space-time resolving&Accurate

Compact&Easily transportable

Instant outdoorset up&Plug and play

Easily operate andmaintenance&Unattended

Self calibration&More than 5-10 years’ lifetime

Software upgradefree&Personalized



Measurement   range


Laser   wavelength                 

1550nm, Eye safety Class 1M,Compliant with IEC   60825-1

Data update rate

Max 4Hz(configurable)

Wind speed   range                 


Wind speed   accuracy           

≤0.1m/s(Radial velocity);   ≤0.2m/s(WindProfile)

Wind direction   accuracy       

<3℃(Wind speed>2 m/s)

Radial range   resolution

30m/   Configurable, no less than 160 layers

Scanning servo   accuracy       


Scanning   features

PPI:0~360°,RHI: 0~180°,Pointing   accuracy: 0.1°, Scanning speed: Max:55°/s, Scanning model:   PPI/ RHI/DBS




Data   storage                 

1T SSD, more than 12 months of data storage

Power   consumption

(Normal temperature)≤300W


746* 764*1000 mm

Power supply

AC 220V/50Hz   


Operating condition

T:-30℃~-50℃    (Relative humidity):0~100%

Housing   classification

IP65(Standard configuration)

Ice/Rain protection

Automatic window blower&Heater


Output data

LOS wind speed, Wind profile , PPI/ RHI/CAPPI

3D wind   field

Signal -to -Noise Ratio(SNR)

Local temperature, pressure, humidity   etc.

Data format


Data transfer