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Hand-Held Diver Imaging Sonar
Item #: ng-snr-ht90
Product Details

Hand-Held Diver Imaging Sonar


HT-90 hand-heldmulti-beam imaging sonar can assist research-and-rescue divers to take realtimedynamic 2D acoustic images and locate underwater objects on the seabed (up to50m) . It is most cost-effective tool for underwater search-and-rescue missions.

HT-90 visual sonarcan take high quality acoustic images at fast frame rate in poor visibility

conditions. It has three imaging ranges to set: 40m, 80m and 120m. The maxrange resolution is 0.0384m, max angle resolution 0.47 °, and highest imagingspeed 5f/s. Data can be stored in the built-in hard disk, and be transferredunder the UDP protocol.


HT-90 is a compact self-containedvisual sonar system composed of acoustic probe, electronic room, console andhandles. Acoustic images are displayed on a 5.5 inch HD screen, and underwaternavigation information by the internal compass is also shown on the screen.

HT-90 imaging sonaris easy to operate, with a switch knob to start/stop imaging and power on/offthrough time control. Holding it upright for 5 seconds can change the detectionranges.

HT-90 can communicatewith the surface computer through the 100M network in the watertight connectorfor downloading data or displaying images synchronously to meet the needs invarious applications.

snr-ht90 (5).jpg

Display area: show acousticimages, measuring range, attitude and compass information.

Info area: show sonarsettings and some necessary information.

The info area containsthree areas: 4textarea, 5imagearea,6progressbar area.

Text area 4:words indicate the sonar setting status, operation instruction, error info andsimple operation scheme.

Image area 5: useimages to indicate operation methods, and relevant info for compasscalibration.

Progress bar area6:indicate current operation progress, some info for compass calibration anddetection range switching.


HT-90 h is amulti-purpose sonar system for military, police and civilian use. It is divervisual sonar for searching and detecting underwater objects, frogmanconfrontation, detection of explosives and obstacles; detection and inspectionof underwater facilities, location and identification of underwater evidence(e.g. crime tools and dead body), underwater safety inspection; rescue ofmissing persons and objects, anti-smuggling goods under water surface; surveyof seabed infrastructure within the offshore oil & gas environment (e.g.pipelines, well heads, structures); salvage of lost property, vehicles, ships, aircraftsand wrecks; rescue of underground mine tunnels, search of underwater concealedsewage outlets for river environmental protection; process inspection ofunderwater construction engineering control and many other purposes.

HT-90 is smallview-of-field underwater search and rescue equipment. For big range of searchand rescue, it can work with dipping Omni-directional sonar at much improvedefficiency.


Imaging   range




View   of field


Operating   depth

≤ 50m

Distance   resolution


Operating   time


Azimuth   resolution



Frame   rate

4-8 f/s (40m)



Operating   temp

-10 to 50 oC

Storage   temp

-40 to 70oC

CPU: Quad-core ARM® Cortex-A57MPCore processor

GPU: NVIDIA Maxwell®architecture with 128 NVIDIA CUDA® cores

Frequency: 1GHz

Memory: 4G

Hard disk: 64G Micro SD

Data transfer:1000M byte

snr-ht90 (12).jpgsnr-ht90 (3).jpg