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IP66 Long Distance Directional Speaker for Outdoor Use
Item #: NG-DS-L1-FS66
Product Details

IP66 Long Distance Directional Speaker forOutdoor Use


L1-FS66 is a new directional speaker of linear array with high directivity, high sound pressure level, high sound quality and effect, and IP66 design for outdoorapplications. It provides unparalleled performance, sensitivity and coveragethrough unique DSP algorithm, unit technology and high-frequency waveguide design.

With optimized design and materials, maximized reliability andversatility while minimized size and weight, L1-FS66 is a superior andcost-effective linear array speaker.


(1) Indoor:

Classroom, conference room, multi-functional hall, Buddha Hall,auditorium, theater,

shopping mall, supermarket, hospital, bank.

(2) Outdoor:

community square, sports park, scenic spot, sidewalk, viaduct,   highway, tunnel,

outdoor advertisement .


Uniformsound coverage, good diffusion and sound sensitivity

Highdirectivity and narrow beam angle

Soundcan reach long distance with low attenuation

Superiorsensitivity and high sound pressure level

Lowdistortion, wide frequency response, support various sound sources

Lightweightand simple structure, easy to carry and install

IP66,good for indoor and outdoor use

Amplifier included


Frequencyrange: 200 Hz-20 kHz

Soundpressure level: 95dB @ 1kHz / 2m, 82db @ 1kHz / 5m

Beamangle: 30 ° to 60 ° adjustable (- 10dB)

Ratedpower: 100W

Inputvoltage: 12V DC / 3A

Audioinput: 3.5mm audio line


Weight: 1kg