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Roof Mounted Directional Speaker
Item #: NG-DS-R4
Rated Power: 25W
Product Details

Roof Mounted Split Directional Speaker

Directional speaker is a kind of speaker designed for individuals to focus sound to thehead without disturbing other people around.Itis so funny that you listen to music without earphones in loud sound and no oneelse can hear what you are listening or directly send message to someone’s headkeeping others unalarmed.

Directionalspeakers are also widely used in retail stores, exhibits, museums and othercrowded places where you get the description of a product or an art in a museumor showroom by these speakers. They produce sound in specific direction, so youmust be in the right place to hear the sound and no one else is hearing itexcept you. This technology has vast applications in various fields.



3.Trade Shows


5.Shopping Malls

6.Indoor and outdoor advertising



Directional speakers use an array of piezoelectric ultrasonic transducers to produce asound beam which points to specific direction like a laser beam. These smallultrasonic transducers are capable of producing sound at high frequencies whichlead to a narrow beam of sound wave produced by devices, and the ultrasonicbeam can only be heard along a very specific path, just like a spotlight.






Aluminum alloyhousing

Roof-mounted, desktopstand is optional

High sound quality,stereo sound, THD less than 0.5%

Remote control, easyvolume adjustment

IR control mode (mutemode, start play mode, normal mode)

Support USB and SDcard

Standard3.5"audio port

Bluetooth 5.0