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MAD-500 Portable Long Range Directed Acoustic Hailing Device
Item #: NG-MAD-500
Product Details

Portable Long Range Directed Acoustic Device

NG-MDA-500 (1).png

Long Range Directed Acoustic Hailer is widely used to disperse illegal crowds without permanent injury, so it is the best non-lethal tool for anti-illegal rally andinvasion.  

It adopts unique energy transducer array and algorithm, and by ultrasonic modulation

to enable broadcasts to be heard and understood clearly over long distances from

hundreds of meters up to one kilometer, even across buildings.

Nowadays it has been patented and certified, and widelyused by the defense forces and police for anti-drug, anti-smuggling andanti-cross border at the frontiers, anti-smuggling at sea, public security andlaw enforcement, broadcasts and dispersion at airports and sea ports etc.

Traditional Powerful Speakers

useone or more speakers,   sound is emittedall around, not targeted, short transmission distance, low sound level, veryloud to the operator behind, and ineffective in repelling crowds.

Long Range Directional Acoustic Hailers

usespeaker array and amplifier, to realize forward small-angle centralized transmission of acoustic wave with the advantages of powerful forward sound,

high directivity, long transmission distance, and much betterbroadcasting and repelling effects.


Compact size andlightweight, portable with built-in battery and controller,

all-in-one, low powerrequirement, simple to operate, safer alternative to

non-lethal andkinetic measures


Power consumption:80W

Max sound pressurelevel: 142dB @1M

Nominal beam angle: +/-15o@2kHz

Frequency range:800-20KHz

Work time: max. 4hours

Input voltage:DC12-30V

Built-in batterycharging time: 4 hours (fast charge), 12 hours (slow charge)

Dispelling distance:50M

Broadcastingdistance: 1000M

Hand-held microphone,MP3 player

Size: 350*350*160mm

Weight: 8kg

NG-MDA-500 (1).jpg

NG-MDA-500 (2).jpg