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MAD-800 Long Range Directed Acoustic Hailing Device
Item #: NG-MAD-800(C)
Product Details

MAD-800 Long Range Directed Acoustic Device

NG-MDA-800 (2).jpg

A new generation of long range acousticdispelling device of Directed voice transmission can issue extended range of commandingvoices, warnings and deterrent tones. It ensures that the broadcasts can beheard clearly in a very long distance, and even cross some buildings. It is featuredhigh direction, high vocal intensity, high clarity, effectively, and ensurevocal effectiveness and accuracy over much extended range. The device can bewidely used in communications, commands, dispelling the demonstration, borderwarning, human search and rescue, maritime smuggling and other fields. Thelatest version adopts updated driver technology with lower frequency, longerrange and more durable.


Military construction, reliable and durable

Low power requirement

Simple to operate, quick to deploy

Safer alternative to non-lethal and kineticmeasures

Highly intelligible communication up to1500 meters

Increase frequency range

Extended coverage

Clear, long-range, Directed communication

Mounting on tripods, small vessels,vehicles

All weather use

Work distance

Dispelling distance: 60M

Notification distance: 1500M

Broadcasts can be heard above 89 dB of   background noise over distances up to 1000 meters



Max attack noise level

150db@ 1m

Nominal beam angle

+ / -15°

Power consumption

200W, Max. 350W

Power supply

AC 190-240V/50-60Hz, DC12-30V

Audio source

Hand-held microphone audio output

Recorded audio MP3 file output




83.5x37.0 x17.0cm

CDYX-800C-1.jpgCDYX-800C (2).jpgCDYX-800C.jpg

MAD-800 (3).jpgMAD-800 (6).jpgMAD-800 (5).jpg