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MAD-6000 Long Range Directed Acoustic Device
Item #: NG-MAD-6000
Product Details

MAD-6000 Long Range Directed Acoustic Device

MAD-6000 (4).jpg


Militaryconstruction, reliable and durable

Low power requirement

Simple to operate,quick to deploy

Safer alternative tonon-lethal and kinetic measures

Highly intelligiblecommunication up to 2000 meters

Extended coverage

Clear, long-range,directed communication

All weather use

Can be mounted on Pan-tilt with search light, laser dazzler and camera for

fixed or mobile use atairports, warships or vehicles


Dispelling distance:150-200M

Notificationdistance: max. 5000M

Frequency response:200Hz-10KHz

Max sound level:165db@1m

Nominal beam angle:+/-15°

Power consumption:1KW, Max. 2KW

Power supply:AC190-240V/50-60Hz, DC12-30V


Weight: 70kg

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