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Backpack Emergency Warning Horn Siren PA Mic System Kit with Built-in Battery for Car Fire Truck
Item #: NG-J101
Product Details

J101T Backpack Emergency Warning Siren System for Polic

j101 (4).jpg


J101T backpack long range emergency sirensystem is an independent sound amplification system including power supply,amplifier, loudspeaker and microphone etc.

Built-inbattery, DC power supply

Digitalpower amplifier, high fidelity, stable and reliable

Outdoorwaterproof loudspeaker, high directivity, high sound pressure and highdefinition, impact resistance

Longtransmission distance, up to 1.5KM

Thebracket is telescopic

Compactand lightweight, integrated structure, easy to carry, simple installation andoperation

Applicablefor outdoor use without AC power, like police drills and case handling, and thegovernment, schools and enterprises for handling natural disasters and other emergencycases.


HandheldF-110A Microphone 1x

HandheldWireless Microphone 1x

DJ-201BDigital Power Amplifier 1x

YH60-2MSpeaker 1x

12V/14AHLead-acid Battery 1x

Telescopicbracket 1x


Udisk 1x

RemoteController 1x

ACcharger 1x


(1)Power amplifier:

2*180W (8Ω), Frequency response: 20Hz-20KHz (+1dB)

(2)Input Level:

Microphone:-30dB, Line: 0dB

(3)Power supply:

12V/14AH,lead-acid battery (LiFePO4 is optional)

Worktime: 3-4 hours, continuous

(4)Wireless microphone:

Frequencyrange: U-band 600MHz-800MHz, Frequency response: 60Hz-18KHz

Dynamicrange: > 110 dB, Distortion: < 0.1%, Effective Distance: > 50M


Power:10uw, Oscillation mode: PLL phase locking, Modulation: FM, Voltage: 9V


Sensitivity:2uv, Oscillation mode: PLL phase locking, SNR: > 90 dB


YH60-2M(NdFeB magnet), Sensitivity: 114 dB + 1 dB

Ratedpower: 69W (8Ω), Max. 138W

Frequencyresponse: 180Hz-8KHz, Size: 270x270x310mm

(9)Size: 530x360x360 mm

(10)Weight: 10Kg (with lead-acid battery)

j101 (1).jpg

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