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1km One Man Portable Ground Surveillance Radar
Item #: ng-mrdr-ku01
Product Details

1KM Portable Ground Surveillance Radar


KU01 is portable short range ground surveillanceradar developed to detect moving people and vehicles in a short range, widelyapplied for border guard, SWAT detection, anti-terror and riot, coast guard andbattlefield surveillance.


Phased array Ku band surveillance radar todetect walking persons and moving vehicles in short range

Track while scan (TWS)

360o coverage with electronicscan and mechanical scan

Uninterrupted operation under all weatherconditions, day and night

PC-based display and control unit

Extremely lightweight, one man portable

Fast deployment and easy operation

Operated by AC power or DC power

Background digital maps, good user-friendlyinterface


Work mode: electronically scan

Frequency band: Ku

Detection range: Man (0.5m2)>500m, Vehicles(5m2)>1km

Transmit power: 1w

Azimuth coverage: 360o

Detection speed: 0.5m/s to 50m/s

Scan modes: scanning (electronic scan +mechanical scan), staring (electronic scan)

Track mode: track while scan (TWS)

Multi-target tracking: >200

Scan speed: >0.5s

Azimuth accuracy: <1o

Distance accuracy: <10m

Speed accuracy: <0.5m/s

Work temperature: -40 to +55oC

Protection degree: IP66

Interface: RJ45, 10/100M Ethernet

Size: 350*320*100mm

Weight: <8kg

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