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10KM Long Range Ground Surveillance Radar
Item #: ng-mrdr-ku02
Product Details

10KM Long Range Ground Surveillance Radar

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KU02 is ground surveillance radar of Kuband, solid state and all coherent pulse Doppler system. It can carry ondetection, recognition, distinguishing, positioning and track formation ofmoving targets, applicable to monitor roads, oil pipelines, ports, borders andother places, and also able to be used as intrusion warning in importantplaces. It can detect vehicles, low altitude helicopters, ships or othertargets getting close to the warning areas.

LT-KU02 has the characteristics of all-weather,long range, accurate real-time positioning, and strong ability of finding andcatching targets.

Once needed, multiple radars can form a circularnetwork for wider range monitoring.


Border guard, SWAT surveillance,anti-terror and anti riot, port guard and battlefield surveillance


All solid state, all coherent, digitalpulse compression system, which can detect extremely slow moving targets;

Excellent anti-active and passive jammingperformance;

Multi-target display, track while scan;

3D map display and can receive variousmanual intervention commands;

Good data transmission, remote control, andaudio warning function;

Historical data can be played back andanalyzed;

With high capacity battery and low powercircuit, can work in battlefield for a long time

Backpack or vehicle mounted, easy tooperate, quick set-up and high mobility



Frequency band: Ku

Work mode: Pulse Doppler

Detectiondistance: (Pd=0, Pfa=10-6)

Armed men: 4km (σ=0.7m2)

Small vehicles: 6km (σ=2m2)

Large vehicles: 10km (σ=10m2)

Antenna sector scan angle: 0-360o

Rotating table scanning speed:low/medium/high, adjustable


Gain: >30dB

Azimuth plane: <2o

Amplitude: 45o

Sidelobe level: <-25dB

Radial velocity of detectable target:3-72km/h

Range and scope: 240m to 15km

Azimuth angle accuracy: <0.5o

Distance resolution: <8m

Azimuth resolution: <2o

MTBF: >2000hr

MTTR: <30min

Erect and roll-up time: <1min

Continuous work time: >7hr

Power consumption: <80w

Transmitted power: 2w

Weight (excl. battery): <25kg

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