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Long Range Thermal Camera Integrated Ground Surveillance Radar
Item #: ng-mrdr-ku03
Product Details

Thermal Camera Integrated SurveillanceRadar

mrdr-ku03 (4).jpg

KU03 consists of the front-end sensor (RF,video monitoring) and the back-end control system. The front-end sensor ismainly composed of radar, thermo-magnetic imager, video server, controller,etc. The back-end system consists of computer and monitoring/processingsoftware. The radar detects targets in the specific range, transmits thedetected target information to the monitoring terminal, and display on GISsystem. When the target enters the video monitoring range, the operator aimsthe camera towards the target, and transmits the video data   to the control center.


Tactic detection and identification, night surveillanceand monitoring, combating smuggling,Monitoring roads, pipelines, ports and borders etc., also intrusion warnings

in important areas.


Detection and identification of target byvideo and radar integration

High anti-jamming and anti-clutterperformances

High performance in searching, tracking andidentifying multiple low, small and slow targets in complex electromagneticenvironment;

High sensitivity and stable performance;

High resolution and detection accuracy;

Multiple radars can form a circularsurveillance network with extended surveillance range;

Advanced background compensation gradientalgorithm and embedded soft control filtering technology.


Frequency band: Ku

Detection range: (Pd=0.8 Pfa=10-6)

Armed men: 4km (σ=0.7m2)

Small vehicles: 6km (σ=2m2)

Large vehicles: 10km (σ=10 m2)

Antenna sector scan angle: 0-360o

Gain: >33dB

Azimuth plane: <2o

Amplitude: 45o

Sidelobe level: <-28dB

Radial velocity of detectable target: 3km/h-72km/h

Azimuth Angle accuracy: <5o

Range and scope: 240m-15km

Distance resolution: <8m

Azimuth resolution: <2o

MTBF: >2000hr

MTTR: <30min

Erect and Roll-up time: <1min

Continuous work time: >7hr

Power consumption: <80W

Transmitted power: 2w

Total weight (excl. battery: 25kg

200MMThermal Magnetic Camera

Pixel Resolution:  

Field Of View Angle: 640x4803.54x2.66 (sceneof narrow)

Field of view angle: 12.67x9.52 (wide fieldof view)

Lens: 200mm, germanium selenium compositeglass

Detector:          highsensitivity polysilicon array, detection, focal plane

Scan Frame Rate: 25f/s

Detection Wavelength: 8.2-14.5μm

Space Detection Pixel Size: 17μm

Video Output: PAL

Optical Continuous Zoom: 1-35times

Supply voltage: DC 9V to 12V

Battery: 8000mAh

Work current: 550mA

Continuous Work Time: >12hr

Work Temperature   -25 to 65oC

Main body: 436x266x265mm

Controller: 148x50x40mm

Weight: 17kg

mrdr-ku03 (3).jpgmrdr-ku03 (6).jpg