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2KM UAV Detection Radar
Item #: ng-mrdr-ku05
Product Details

1.5KM UAV Detection Radar



360o mechanical scan, allweather detection of high/low speed targets

Can work with intelligent RF suppressor to selectively   interfere with various UVC

control/command links

Can detect and identify multiple targetsselectively and precisely in noise backgrounds

Combined with electro-optical / infraredcameras and PTZ, can automatically

track and identify UAVs.



Frequency band: Ku

Detection range: (Pd=0.8 Pfa=10-6):1.5km (σ=0.01m2)

Antenna sector scan angle: 0-360o

Turntables scanning speed: low-medium-high,adjustable

(Sector scanning) 30o, 60o,90o/s

(Omnidirectional scanning)


Gain: >28.5dB

E beam width: <14o

E sidelobe level: <-20dB

H beam width: <2o

H sidelobe level: <-24dB

Detectable target radial velocity: 0.5km/h-120km/h

Range and scope: 2km

Distance resolution: <15m

Azimuth resolution: <2o

MTBF: >10000hr

MTTR: <30min

Erect and Roll-up time: <1min

Continuous work time: >7hr

Power consumption: <200W

Transmitted power: 20w

Total weight (excl. battery: 27kg

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