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50W Portable Hydrogen Fuel Cell Generator
Item #: ng-fcl-h50
Rated Power: 50w
Product Details

50W Portable Hydrogen Fuel Cell Generator

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Work Theory

Hydrogen fuel cell is an electrochemical device that combines hydrogen fuel with oxygen to produce electricity, heat and water. The fuel cell is similar to a battery in that an electrochemical reaction occurs as long as fuel is available. Hydrogen is stored in a pressurized container or produced by hydrolysis instantly, and oxygen is taken from the air. There are no harmful emissions, but pure water as the only by-product.  

The hydrogen fuel cell generator is ideal alternative to portable power generators of diesel or batteries. It produces power of 10-50w, and brings you full energy independence for various small and portable devices outdoor, like laptop, Smartphone, cameras, LED flashlights, GPS, radios and other communication, security and monitoring devices.  

A DC/DC converter may be required to convert the fuel cell power into any desired output voltage and current.

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Portable hydrogen fuel cell power generator

No need of compressed Hydrogen gas cylinder

Hydrogen is produced by hydrolysis on the site, available in 20s

Refueling in half minute, and the power is kept on

No need of battery and charging, no power capacity drop

High performance stack with long service life of max. 3000hr

Ideal alternative to the standard portable power generators of diesel or batteries

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Rated power: 50W

Output voltage: 12V

Fuel efficiency: >50%

Water tank: 80ml

Sodium borohydride usage: 22g

Work time: 1hr

Stack service life: >1000hr

Ambient temp.: -10 to +40oC

Humidity: 10-95%

Size: 250*160*165mm

Weight: 2.2kg

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