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1W Automated Solar Powered Laser Bird Repellent with HD Camera APP Control
Rated Power: 1W
Product Details

Birds are friends tohuman beings, but birds often bring us troubles as well. We always see birdsinhabit and nest in towers, power plants, power lines, orchards, warehouses andother places, and this may cause short-circuit failure and power cut-off.

To solve the problem,an automated solar laser bird repeller is developed. This device can beself-powered and work 24/7 autonomously, and if necessary, it can be operatedwith remote control or by computer.

For years, thisdevice has been proved effective and efficient in repelling birds.


Green laser, sensitive to birds

Grade II safe laser beam, no harm to birds, human (avoid eye contact) and other animals

50mm laser beam like a big light stick to scare birds efficiently

1W powerful laser effective over 500 meters

2 work modes CW/Pulse switchable

Solar powered with lithium battery, 24/7 autonomous without human attention

Programmable digital timer with 6 on/off timings

HD Camera with APP control of Camera and PTZ

4G Camera can work anywhere 4G signal is available

2 auto scan routes and 16 positions each route can be preset

No wiring, just plug and play, no training needed

CE approved

Technical Specifications

Power supply: 12VDC

Laser output power: 1000mW

Wavelength: 532nm green laser

Beam diameter (at aperture): 50mm

2 work modes: CW / Pulse

Effective distance: >500m

Solar panel: 18V60W

12.8V/40AH LiFePO4 with 2000 cycles

10x Zoom 4G Camera

Rotation: 0-355o (rotating), -35 to +35o (tilting)

Work temperature: -10 to +45oC

Humidity: 20-90%

Size: 365*190*420mm