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1W Automated Solar Powered Laser Bird Repellent with HD Camera APP Control

Rated Power: 1W
Product Details

Our laser bird repellents are designed andproduced according the European standards, with CE approved. For years, thelaser devices have been exported to overseas markets, and are highly regarded.

1. MostComprehensive Functions

- 1000mW high output laser with big beam of50mm and small divergence less than 0.5mrad,ensure effective over 1000m;

- Solar powered and big lithium battery, noexternal power supply, can work 24/7 autonomously;

- Multi-functional keyboard, 2x auto cruiseroutes (16x way points per route) and

1x auto scan route can be set up, toensure every point with bird problems will be covered;

- Programmable digital timer, 16x on/offschedules variable for each day of week can be set;

- 2x light modes (CW/Pulse), Pulse mode cansave much power;

- Remote control can turn on/off the laserand switch between CW and Pulse at a long distance off.

2. 5 Switches for 5 Protections, Top Security

Timing Switch: 16x on/off schedulesvariable for each day of week;

Emergency stop switch: in emergency case,esp. when the remote control fails, press down the switch to turn off thelaser;

Lock safety switch: only authorized staffcan turn on the laser;

LED power switch: press to turn on thelaser, while LED indicates the work state of laser;

Remote control: can turn on/off the laserremotely

Laser protective glasses are included toavoid eyes hurt.

3. ModularDesign, Simple Use

The system consists of solar panel, lithiumbattery, timer switch box, pan tilt and laser.

Each part is independent of each other andconnected with watertight connectors, simple for installation and maintenance;

Two specially designed stands areavailable, easy assembly, simple and reliable;

Just plug and play, no training is needed.

4. VariousModels Available For Different Applications

Laser power ranges from 500mW to 10W;

Portable and PTZ mounted;

Basic remote control model, wirelesskeyboard control, HD camera with APP control, RGB laser, laser and sonic, etc.

Meet the needs of different occasions, e.g.farmlands, orchards, power plant, power lines, airport, sea ports and so on.


1W Automated Solar Powered Laser Bird Repellent with HD Camera APP Control and Remote Control

Model# S1WCR


Green laser, sensitive to birds

Grade II safe laser beam, no harm to birds, human (avoid eye contact) and other animals

50mm laser beam like a big light stick to scare birds efficiently

1W powerful laser effective over 500 meters

2 work modes CW/Pulse switchable

Solar powered with lithium battery, 24/7 autonomous without human attention

Programmable digital timer with 6 on/off timings

HD Camera with APP control of Camera and PTZ

4G Camera can work anywhere 4G signal is available

2 auto scan routes and 16 positions each route can be preset

Wired keyboard andremote control included

On/offswitch, lock safety switch and emergency stop switch


Technical Specifications

Power supply: 12VDC

Laser output power: 1000mW

Wavelength: 532nm green laser

Beam diameter (at aperture): 50mm

2 work modes: CW / Pulse

Effective distance: >500m

Solar panel: 18V60W

12.8V/40AH LiFePO4 with 2000 cycles

10x Zoom 4G Camera

Rotation: 0-355o (rotating), -35 to +35o (tilting)

Work temperature: -10 to +45oC

Humidity: 20-90%

Size: 365*190*420mm